30 November 2011

Where to Eat in Rome (La Veranda and Trattoria da Valentino Restaurant Review)

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Although I haven't eaten in lots of restaurants in Rome, I'd say that none of those I've tried have failed me. Because of this, I've decided to share them with world:

1. La Veranda 

Said to be the favorite of the Vatican press corps, La Veranda is quite pricey (EUR14 for first course; EUR20 for main course; EUR20 for salad; EUR10 for dessert) but the regal interior and great food makes it worth it. Perfect date place (though I didn't have a date when I went).  


Tonnarelli (fresh home made pasta) with swordfish and candied lemon on an artichokes pesto (EUR14)

First Course Menu

Main Course and Salad Menu

Dessert Menu

Location: Inside Hotel Columbus near the Vatican

2. Trattoria da Valentino

I was trying to find some other restaurant near the vicinity of this restaurant but I couldn't seem to find it. Good thing I ended up eating here (though a bit hesitant at first) because I ended up having the BEST CARBONARA pasta (for EUR8) I've ever tasted. 



Doing this entry surely made me hungry and want to go back to Rome. Hope I get to return soon!

12 November 2011

Why My Jaw Dropped in the Vatican (A Preview of What You'll See in the Vatican)

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For some reason, Rome wasn't in my "Must See Cities" list. This is mainly because I'm not much of a fan of ancient architecture. I'm more into modern architecture and would rather prioritize seeing Berlin's Reichstag and Prague's Dancing House. Nonetheless, the Vatican made Rome "oh so worth it" for me. I was particularly fascinated by the "3D" painted ceilings that no matter how much I stare at them and no matter how much I am told that they are only painted, my eyes still register them as "real". Anyway, here's what you can expect to see inside the Vatican. I'll post Rome's other sights on a separate entry.

Gallery of Tapestries - My Favorite Ceiling!

This in particular looks so real to me even if it's only painted. The picture makes it obvious that it's only painted but if you walk along the halls of the room, you'll understand what I'm talking about.


"Ceiling to Wall Paintings" inside Immaculate Conception, Sobieski, etc. Rooms

Jaw dropping because there are Ceiling to Wall Paintings room after room. Watch the video to to have a better idea.

Sistine Chapel

A chapel which was famous for the grandeur of its design which was frescoed throughout by Renaissance artists including Michelangelo. I feel I spent too short of a time to appreciate the magnificence of this chapel. Don't make the same mistake!

St. Peter's Basilica

Inside the Basilica and a glimpse of the Pieta

The Papal Altar & Baldacchino

Altar of the Chair of St. Peter (Left); Statue of St. Peter (Right)

Tomb of St. Peter

Presentation of the Virgin Mary in the Temple by her parents (Above)
Body of St. Pius X (Below)

Ceiling shots of St. Peter's Basilica


A 360 view from the inside

The New Wing, Braccio Nuovo

Chiaramonti Museum


Gallery of Candelabra 




Gallery of Maps


Collection of Modern Religious Art


Stained Glass and Contemporary Art

Outdoor Area

... and more Ceiling Shots


 Before we end... Here's the Vatican Square


Now, can you blame me why I consider the Vatican "jaw-dropping"? While I believe that a visit to the Vatican is a must (if you don't have budget constraints) for all Catholics, it is still worth seeing even for Non-Catholics especially if you appreciate the Arts.