05 May 2012

A Trip to the Top of Europe (Jungfrau)

How could I say no to a trip to Jungfraujoch - dubbed as the "Top of Europe" in tourist literature?! For CHF127/PHP6K (beginning from Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland), I had the chance to ride the steepest cable car cog railway to end up on the highest railway station in Europe (with an elevation of 3,454 meters) and enjoy such a stunning view - definitely worth it!!!

The view from the top:

Magnificent is an understatement

I was told that the "feel" of the snow on the Alps is much better than ordinary snow so I decided to feel it myself (though I ended up feeling numb in a few seconds).

On the pic is the viewing deck where you can stay if you're afraid to go out

While there may be times that the view isn't clear, sometimes it only takes a few minutes for it to clear out.

Don't be afraid to get hungry at the top, they serve food! 

While the view from the top was great, the views during the ascent and descent were also great:

So where are the owners of this house?

What would you do if you live here?

Imagine riding a train to levels higher than this - such a great example of Swiss Engineering

Train Map - Mountain Style 

These fences are used for avalanche control

Views closer to the ground

My trip to the Swiss Alps was the first time I experienced snow - what a start!!! It was definitely one of the most memorable moments of my life and I hope it becomes one of yours as well.

Rome's Best in One Day (excluding Vatican)

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I wasn't really excited to go to Rome because I'm more fond of modern architecture than old architecture. Nevertheless, I could still say that I liked Rome (although it's not on the top-end of my list of favorites). As most people who has gone there would describe it, the city is one big museum. There's always an ancient structure to look at wherever you go. PLUS, the food is really good... it's in Italy anyway. Without further a do, I'd like to share some of the sights I saw and enjoyed in Rome:

Castel Sant'Angelo - When I saw this structure in the movie, Angels & Demons, I promised myself I have to see this when I go to Europe... and I did... and it didn't fail me - it was truly a sight to see!

Fontana de Trevi - It can get crowded here but it's surely worth the effort. It will be good to see this at night because of its lights (unfortunately I didn't have this chance). Just beware because it is said to have loads of pickpockets (even children).

National Monument of Victor Emmanuel - For some reason, I really liked this structure although it was just all white. Some people describe it as a "Wedding Cake" haha!

Spanish Steps - For me, Spanish Steps was nothing great although some say that the view from the top is exhilarating (I think I wasn't aware of this before I went). For shoppers, take note that this faces Via Condotti which houses lots of international fashion labels.

Street (Via Condotti) in Front of Spanish Steps

Pantheon - The Pantheon is said to be one of the most preserved Roman buildings. For me, it's highlight is its dome which is pierced by an oculus that lets sunlight streams inside.  


Piazza dela Rotonda in front of the Pantheon

Piazza Navona - A must-see Piazza because it houses several famous fountains. There are also lots of cafes nearby (I tried Osteria del Gallo which was a bit tricky to find).

Benini's Fountain of Four Rivers (under construction when I went)

Fontana del Moro

Colosseum - It was already a bit late when I got into the Colosseum so it wasn't crowded anymore. Plus, I got in for FREE because Rome was celebrating Culture Week. 

Arch of Titus - Constructed to commemorate Titus' victories such as the Siege of Jerusalem, this Arch served as the inspiration for many triumphal arches including Arc de Triomphe in Paris. 

Roman Forum - A wide playground of ruins, the Roman Forum is sure to give you a good idea and feel of how Ancient Rome looks like.


I'd love to go back to Rome since I only spent 1.5 day roaming around this museum city, and half a day was already eaten up by the Vatican (so technically, I think I can say that I only spent one full day roaming around Rome itself). Although it appears that I was able to see a lot, there were still lots of sights that I missed and I'd really want to have a second chance at Rome. Hopefully, the magic of throwing a coin to Fontana de Trevi comes true for me!