17 April 2011

What to do in Changi Airport? (Reasons why you should spend time to tour the Changi Airport)

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If you're going to Singapore, consider flying through an airline that doesn't use the Budget Terminal to enjoy what Changi Airport really has to offer. If your airline uses either Terminals 1, 2, or 3, you can gain access to all three terminals through the Sky Train and discover for yourself the following reasons why I consider Changi Airport as a tourist destination in itself:

Gardens - Choose from the following gardens: Butterfly (highly-suggested), Cactus, Sunflower, Orchid, Fern, Bamboo, and Heliconia. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to visit all and I was only able to check out the Butterfly and Cactus Gardens. Surely a reason to go back!

Butterfly Garden


Cactus Garden


Information and Map of Gardens at Changi Airport

Sleeping/Resting Areas - Have lots of time before your next flight? You don't need to pay to get a good sleep... Changi has comfortable sleeping chairs around the area. 

Movie/TV Viewing - Sit on the comfy chair of the movie or channel which you want to watch and have speakers right on your chair for a good audio video experience. 

Free WiFi and Computer Terminals - If you have your own laptop, wifi-enabled mobile phone, etc., simply get a Wireless@SG username and password to enjoy free wifi. Just ask the information if you don't have an account yet. If you don't have any gadget with you, just use one of the computer terminals which are abundant throughout the transit area. 

Kiddie Attractions - Kids will surely love the airport as it provides play areas, tv, and activities for children. 

Shopping - Hermes, Gucci, Cartier, Bulgari and Shanghai Tang are just some of the names in the transit area where you can shop tax free. 

Photo c/o http://www.iqpc.com

Elegantly designed hallways and ceilings - This is in Terminal 3 in particular. Is your flight really through an airplane or through a space shuttle? ;)

Picture-friendly landscapes - The airport was designed to make you feel like you're one with nature. 

Streamlined Trolleys - Yes, I like Changi because it has trolleys whose size are just big enough for hand carried luggage. They know that you don't want to carry your backpack or roll your cabin baggage while roaming around. 

I guess by now you know why I like Changi Airport so much? It's time for you to go and enjoy it yourself.


  1. oh my.kawawa naman ang pinas. its better if we have marcos and Imelda sana. cory was a simpleton with no vision but to have her children have better political futures too. and it happened. sad country. i envy singapore.

  2. hi,

    may i know where exactly is that sleeping area is in Changi? Pls.? thanks

  3. it's in terminal 3. you can go there even if you're boarding from terminals 1 and 2 just by taking the sky train.