23 June 2012

Hotel Review: Number One Tower Suites Dubai

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When I was offered a free trip to Dubai, I couldn't turn it down because it would have costed me at least PHP70K (USD1.6K) for tickets and accommodations alone:

Room: AED380/night x 3 nights = AED900 (PHP14K)
Flight: USD1,300 (PHP56K)
Visa: I don't know the cost since it was arranged for me

I was glad I took that trip because I find Dubai REALLY REALLY BEAUTIFUL. I will write the reasons why on a separate entry, but for now, I will share my experience with the hotel (Number One Tower Suites Dubai) which I liked for a couple of reasons:

1. Location:  It was right beside the train station and it was very central such that hailing a cab was not a problem.

Views from the hotel grounds

2. Room: The suite was spacious enough for a single person, the kitchen looked modern, and the beddings were REALLY COMFORTABLE.

3. Food: Their buffet breakfast which composed of various cheeses and other comfort foods such as sausages, croissants, waffles, hashbrowns, and donuts among others was good enough for me. I highly recommend the Haloumi Cheese!  

3. Amenities: While the hotel wasn't very posh compared to Dubai's famous hotels, it had pretty decent amenities like the gym and swimming pool.

4. Service: I find their service good but this may be because they had Filipino staff who are famous for their natural hospitality.

Cafe near the lobby


Overall, I would consider Number One Tower Suites Dubai as great value for money. If you are about to visit Dubai and would want to make the most out of your money (by not staying in fancy hotels), Number One Tower Suites will be a great option.

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